Reviewed : Graco Nautilus 3 In 1 Convertible Newborn Car Seat

Unless you’ve got no friends or family and you’ve got someone else to do your groceries for you, then you will probably want to take your baby with you on a car ride every once in a while. When you do so, you have to make sure to take all the necessary precautions. That baby has to be riding in the back, naturally. Don’t think you’re being a good mommy by holding that baby in your arms while riding in the passenger seat yourself. It might feel like you are being protectice like a good mommy should. But the reality of the situation is that this is very hazardous to your child’s health.


graco1The younger a child is, the more important it is that he or she rides in the back. If your child is a baby or even a toddler, then you really need to be placing that kid in a safety back seat, especially designed for children’s safety. There are plenty of back seats for cars, so it can be hard to choose from. But it is my experience that you get what you pay for. This is true for just about any product. And it’s also true for children’s safety seats.

Graco has a very high end 3 in 1 convertible newborn’s seat called the Nautilus. It offers plenty of features and it’s really pleasing to look at as well. Like I said, this is high end stuff. Expect to pay at least twice the price of your average, moderately priced seat. But if you take a good look at the seat, then you will realize that it can be well worth the extra money. Not only because it has superior build quality, but also because this seat is convertible and thus it can support children of various sizes and weights. Mostly, a seat’s accommodation range is measured in weight. In the case of the Nautilus, it supports weights in the ranges from 20 pounds to 100 pounds.

graco2But that’s just Graco’s own range specification. The fact of the matter is that a newborn will weigh way less than 20 pounds. As a matter of fact… children don’t weigh 20 pounds until they hit the age of one. Despite Graco’s own statement that 20 pounds is the minimum, you can still strap a baby in here really nicely. There’s plenty of pictures on the web of babies greatly enjoying themselves in a Nautilus. The seat is fully adjustable and you can strap a kid of any size in there. But if you don’t feel comfortable putting a very small baby in, then you might want to postpone the purchase of this until your child reaches the age of one. It’s your call, really.

Car seats like these usually have an expiry date. However, I haven’t been able to find one on this particular seat. It might not even have one. It’s not a high end seat for no reason, ofcourse. And at this price point, which is well above a hundred dollars, you can expect some quality. For that reason, it’s been built with reinforced steel. And nothing guarantees durability like reinforced steel does. This stuff can easily last for years on end. And it kind of has to. After all, Graco has developed this seat with the intention of you having your kid grow up in there, basically. A child doesn’t reach the maximum weight limit of 100 pounds until ten years of age. This truly is a seat for children of all sizes. By the time your children outgrow it, they’ll be old enough to ride regular front seat already. Passenger that is.

graco3One thing I really like about Graco’s safety back seat for children, is that the pad comes off and is machine washable. This makes the maintenance and the cleaning of it completely free of any frustration. No scrubbing and trying to get into the hard to reach parts. Just take the cushion and send it for a spin in the washing machine, together with all your other clothing items.

Keep in mind that this is a forward facing seat. Seats of this size are going to be hard to get in a rear facing position. But it’s okay, because it’s so extraordinarly high quality. Also keep in mind that this is a convertible seat. The first setting is the default setting, where you get the whole seat as you see it in the picture. This is great for babies. But you can also convert it to a high back belt positioning booster. That is great for toddlers. And from thereon, you can convert it to a backless booster. This is great for older children, 40 pounds and up.

All in all, this is the best infant safety back seat for a car that I’ve come across in years.

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