Reviewed : Evenflo Tribute LX, Convertible Infant Car Seat

When taking your baby for a ride, you are going to be sorry if you didn’t take care of his or her safety first. You can’t have your wife holding your baby while she is in the passenger’s seat. That’s just not safe enough. The baby has to ride in the back. All children up to the age of 12 ought to be riding in the back seat. Especially babies. The younger a child is, the greater the risk is of your infant sustaining serious damage in the case that you get into a car accident. It’s going to be a few decades before self driving cars take over and reduce traffic casualties to zero. For now… a safety seat for a newborn is an absolute must.


evenflo1The Tribute LX is a convertible safety back seat by Evenflo. It’s very moderately priced. It doesn’t have all the features that all the high end seats have. But the high end ones will cost you upwards of a hundred dollars. At slightly over fifty, this particular product doesn’t even come close to the hundred dollar price point. But for the money, you are definitely getting your money’s worth. This seat is a fraction of an inch from being a best seller. But well over five hundred people rating this seat 4.5 out of 5 stars simply can’t be wrong. This is the best cheap newborn safety seat that that you can find online in the USA.

Too many children’s seats in the past were performing okay when force was applied from either the front or the back, but had only lackluster performance when force was applied from the side. It’s important that a seat gets tested for a side impact as well. And thankfully, this is indeed the case with the Tribute XL. Evenflo guarantees that it either meets (or even excels) all the federal safety standards that apply to it. Evenflo has a side impact test standard itself. Like you’d expect, this seet meets those standards. Easy to say for them. But we’ll just have to believe them.

evenflo2According to Evenflo themselves, this seat has been tested at almost twice the impact levels that the federal crash test standard has set. It turns out the structural integrity of the seat managed to stay in tact up until those kinds of impact forces. This convertible children’s seat is literally twice as strong as it needs to be in order to perform its duties. It’s a good thing these things are tested so rigorously. They’re probably using test dummies, even though I’ve never actually seen footage of child sized test dummies being used in crash tests. Most crash tests I’ve seen are with adult sized dummies in the front seat. But when Evenflo says they’ve tested their seats thoroughly… I believe them.

For a moderately priced children’s back seat, it’s quite a few shoulder harness positions to choose from. Not all seats at this price point let you configure it to such an extent. The shoulder harness on this seat can be adjusted so that it fits better around your child. Not all children are of equal size, so one size does not fit all. And even one kid can be one size one month and another size the next month. The fact that you can adjust these harnesses also makes them last longer. You won’t have to tug at them so much. Not having to use a lot of force increases the durability. And it also minimizes the risk of you accidentally hurting your baby while strapping him or her in.

evenflo3Next to having adjustable harnesses, it also has an adjustable head support. Your baby will surely grow quickly in size. If the head support wasn’t configurable, you’d have a big problem on your hands. You’d have to buy a new seat every few months. Thankfully, that is not the case with Evenflo’s back seat. This particular seat is configurable in every single way required to make sure your baby sits comfortably.

The cushions in this seat are integrated. They are whole body cushions. It’s very handy that these are stuck to the seat, because that means you can never lose them. It makes it a bit harder to clean them, because now you have to take the seat out of the car in order to comfortable get in every little nook and cranny. The seat itself does not weigh a whole lot. At slightly less than 12 pounds, everybody should be able to lift this. Mommies will not have to call their husbands for the heavy lifting.

In summary, I’d say this is the top cheapest newborn car seat available on the market today.

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