Reviewed : The Latte Mint Edition Of The Beaba Babycook Pro

beaba1Here we have an example of a top rated food maker for babies that gets pretty much everything right. The design alone is good enough to make every young mommy make her jaw drop to the floor. The latte mint design strikes a chord with me. It’s both suitable as an adult design as well as a baby design. I love the coffee’ish colors. Reminds me of a hot cup of coffee that I usually treated myself to when I was done for the day taking care of my babies. This food processor feels as solid as it looks. It looks great in any kitchen. And it should, because this is a high end model.

beaba2The Beaba company has been around for many years already. For some reason it wasn’t until 2009 that I first heard of them. Must have been because that was about the time when I was first pushing my husband Peter to give me children, lol! But the fact of the matter is that these guys don’t screw around when it comes to building quality stuff. And this Babycook Pro is a great example of an all time, top rated best seller baby food maker on Amazon. It gets almost five out of five stars from almost a hundred satisfied customers. How can you go wrong with Beaba?

This must have kitchen aid is called ‘Pro’ for a reason. It’s gonna make you feel like a real professional in not too much time. You can prepare all the vegetables and fruits with this that you like. Also be sure to try out some other healthy foodstuffs in here, such as meat or fish. The Babycook will have a good meal ready for your newborn in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t matter if you want to use this for toddlers or young children. It’s not just for babies anymore. Just like you’d expect from a high end food preparation appliance, this one has an integrated steam system that makes sure nothing but a nice warm meal comes out of this processor. Nothing is good enough for your baby!

beaba3The standard preparation time of Beaba’s food making device is a respectable 15 minutes. You can’t expect it to be much shorter than this when steaming food. Steaming is a process that’s always going to take time, no matter what. But the same can be said for cooking, baking, frying, grilling or microwaving for that matter. The blender system is powered by a very powerful motor. It’ll chop up your baby’s food in a jiffy. The steam system is patented by Beaba, so no other appliance on the USA market today is going to steam the same way. Every food kitchen aid steams a little differently from all the others… but that doesn’t mean food processors from other brands can’t steam well. Because they can. It’s just different somehow.

Some people look at this Babycook appliance and think to themselves that it’s got a cheap, plastic look to it. But that’s just not the case. It actually looks really good and sturdy in real life. And it truly is. I did not own this particular appliance myself, but if I were to be able to go back in time… I very well might have bought it. A girlfriend of mine owns this, and I’ve seen it working. She let me work it, because I wanted to try it out and get a feel for it. The feel is very high quality, so you can just trust me on that one. It’s guaranteed to be BPA free. There’s also no lead in it. And also no phthalates. None of the stuff that’s ever been in the news as potentially poisonous to young children is in here. Even the water reservoir is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is always the way to go. No rust. Ever. This children’s food prepration kitchen aid is totally safe.

beaba4Next to looking really good, this latte mint colored wonder machine also has a very practical shape. It’s compact. It leaves a very small footprint in your kitchen. If you had any worries that this machine wasn’t going to fit in your kitchen… then rest assured that it will. Unless you have a really small kitchen that is already stacked to the roof with other stuff. But this handy dandy machine really deserves a place in your kitchen, because it can do so much while taking up so little space. There’s bound to be an appliance or two that can be replaced by the this handy dandy little device. So just get rid of those in favor of the Babycook already. It’s even got a removable cord!

This top rated Beaba food processor for infants comes with all the necessary accessories you’d expect. Think of a spatula, smoothy lid and recipe booklet. It also comes with a very large 4.7 bowl with graduation markings. Talk about handy!

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