Reviewed : Stork Craft Portofino Convertible Crib And Changer, Espresso Edition

If you want nothing more than the best for your baby, you will probably want to buy him or her the safest crib that you can find. Next to nutrition, a good night’s rest is the most important thing for your newborn. And it’s not just a night’s rest. Newborns have the tendency to sleep pretty much all throughout the day. When it comes to sleeping, newborns are kind of like cats. They sleep all day and beg for food at those sparse moments where they’re awake. Where a pluche donut shaped basket suffices for a kitty, your baby has higher requirements.



Enter Stork Craft’s Portofino. This is one of the best baby cribs on the market today. It is not only a crib but also a changer. So in case you were thinking of buying a crib and a changer separately, then you may want to rethink your strategy. This convertible crib for infants comes with its own changer integrated. It will cost you less money to just buy the Portofino than it does to buy a crib and a changer apart from each other. And besides… this combination is bound to take up way less space than when you get these two separate.

But this is not where the Portofino’s money saving capabilities stop. This is where they begin. Had I already mentioned that this crib is convertible? Most convertible cribs have only two settings. But this one has no less than four. It starts out as a full size crib. After a bit of converting, it is now a toddler bed. Some more converting and voila, you have a daybed. Now convert it some more, and all of a sudden it’s a full size bed!

With all that converting, you’d think this is a dangerous crib because your baby could get a finger stuck somewhere. That’s fortunately not the case. All the four sides are completely stationary, so there is no health hazard whatsoever. Besides, drop side cribs were banned years ago anyway. So you’re not going to find these types of cribs anymore when browsing around in a modern online store such as Amazon.

storkcraft2Because this reputable company takes its own product seriously, they are giving you a one year warranty to go with this crib. The warranty is limited, though. If you end up damaging the crib yourself, naturally you’re going to have to pay for it. But in case something breaks when you are converting it back and forth (ie. through normal usage) then you won’t have to pay a dime. The manufacturer then either fixes your problem completely, or replaces your crib with a completely new one.

What stands out with this crib is its spectacular design. The many functionalities of this crib are worth its weight in gold. It may seem like an expensive buy at first. But once you realize it’s a 4 in 1 convertible with changer, then you’ll realize you’d spend at least twice more if you’d buy all this stuff separately. But on top of all the wonderful features that the Portofino already gives you, it is also an incredibly impressive design. The ‘sleigh’ like style is almost magical. The fact that it’s espresso colored will probably push many people over the edge, as it just makes this crib completely irresistable.

The espresso finish does come with a the small downside that there is an odor coming from it. But this is only from new cribs that are transported straight from the dealer to your door. The odor will dissipate quickly after only a few days. The odor isn’t dangerous and you can put your baby in the crib while it is still dissipating. And while the odor might be temporary, rest assured that the finishes themselves have in fact been selected for high durability. Your crib will look beautiful years after the initial purchase.

storkcraft3Some parents fear that the odors coming from their cribs are hazardous to their small children. But since this is one of the top rated baby cribs on the market, you won’t have to worry about that with this company. These guys only use non toxic finishes. The crib itself is made of solid wood and so called ‘wood products’. You’ll fall in love with this brand soon enough. So if you want more accessories from them, then your options are an ottoman, dresser & glider, and a chest for storing baby’s clothes in. Cute!

The integrated changer has also been built with safety in mind. It has an extra deep surface that will provide the required support for your baby while you are changing him or her.

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