What Are The Best Bargain Baby Cribs For The Money Made In The USA?

crib1After having successfully raised my two baby daughters, I’ve come to learn a thing or two about the best baby cribs to buy for a newborn. There are thousands of cribs to choose from.

You’ve got cribs in white, black, grey. You’ve got cribs in wrought iron, solid wood, oak and driftwood. You’ve got convertible and foldable cribs.

There are cribs in modern style, classic style, victorian style, amish style, espresso style and eco friendly designer cribs. You’ve even got them with a Disney theme.

There are cribs in oval shape, round shape, and other kinds of shapes. There are large ones, and there are small ones.

Then you’ve got cribs with wheels and without them. Then there’s cribs for a single baby, or cribs for twins!

You’ve got affordable ones, discount ones, cheap ones, expensives ones and million dollar ones.

The best baby cribs are changing table combo sets. Because these function both as a sleeping place as well as a table for changing those dirty diapers.

A good, top rated, popular crib doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune. You can get them at very cheap prices under a 300, 200 and even under a 100. Used cribs for babies are most often the cheapest. And provided that a crib isn’t like, a half century old, it will likely still be sturdy enough to put your infant into.

There are literally thousands of good, awesome, funky cribs for you to choose from. Many people are asking themselves many questions about cribs, such as how to build or paint a crib. But why build or paint one yourself when all you have to do is find out where to buy good cribs and then just get one in tip top shape straight from a reliable retailer outlet. Amazon sells plenty of them and most get good reviews too.

So What Exactly Is A Crib And Why Should I Care?

crib2Like I said earlier, you can get these things in all the shapes, forms and styles you can dream up. They also come in all colors of the rainbow. A good crib will have some seriously soft bedding, because nothing is good enough for your newborn.

Good cribs also need a good looking and solid, brightly colored upholstery. It just so happens to be that babies have better cognitive development when they are surround by shapes and colors that stimulate them. So that means no boring black boxes. Instead, get complex shapes of bright colors.

Have you ever asked yourself why it is that most baby stuff is brightly colored? Well, there you have it. And let’s be honest… colored stuff is much more fun to look at than black and white stuff, anyway. Even I, as an adult, feel this way! 😛

Most cribs that you will stumble across will be made of either wood or metal. The most basic kinds of cribs are going to be just cribs, if you know what I mean. But the more feature rich models are either foldable or convertible.

The most important thing to look at is that your crib isn’t made of any toxic material. No manufacturer in his right mind would ever willingly produce a crib of toxic material this day and age. But there are many who claim that most cribs today are toxic. I don’t really buy it myself.

Reading up on crib safety is all you can do. After that, try not to be too paranoid. You’d be the first parent to poison their baby with an unsafe crib. If I were you, I’d be more worried about drop side cribs. These are truly dangerous and can cause your baby’s fingers much harm. They have been banned in 2010. I hope they stay that way.

Why Are Cribs So Important And Do You Really Need One?

Yes, you really need one. Babies are very fragile, especially in their first six months. You can not simply let them sleep in the same bed as you and your significant other. That’s actually fairly dangerous, because there is the risk of your newborn suffocating. Don’t ever do this.

Your baby absolutely requires lots of rest. If he or she does not get sufficient rest, this will result in stunted growth. You need to have a safe crib with bedding that is snug and fits well. When the bedding is too big and too loose, there is once again the risk of suffocation. There are special baby mattresses available for cribs. I suggest that if you purchase a crib, you also make sure to get a fitting mattress to go with it.

The mattress’ material is just as important as the crib material, ofcourse. It’s best not to use anything synthetic or anything with fiber. This can chafe your child’s skin. And babies have very sensitive skin. You don’t want to give your newborn a rash, so be careful.

A safe crib will ensure that your baby is well protected while getting that oh so essential night’s rest. You wouldn’t put your baby anywhere where he or she could fall off and get hurt, would you? A decent crib may never have any gaping holes anywhere. It should be confinement all the way around!

Luxury cribs will also have a safety net… so you can make the so called crib tent. This provides extra safety against mosquitos and other stuff that might fall on the crib. It’s also a great way to learn your infant the joys of camping.

What Kind Of Cribs Are There, Anyway?

crib3There are too many different kinds to describe all of them here on one single page. However, there are a few very popular types of cribs. I will try to give you some insight into these.

Portable cribs: Let’s say you’re a family on the move. You’re not necessarily moving from one house to another, but you do like to get out a lot. You’ve got lots of friends and family that you constantly want to visit. It’s no good to have a non mobile crib standing at home, because you can’t leave your baby alone in your house. This type of crib is actually a foldable crib. You can fold them up for easy storage. And like the name suggests… you can also pick them up and carry them with you. You can set them up at your parents house or wherever.

Convertible cribs: Some people think this is the same as a portable/foldable crib. That’s not true. A convertible lets you adjust the size. The thing about babies is that they grow up so fast. But you can’t be buying a new crib for every time your mini-me grows out of it, can you? If you agree with me on that, then a convertible crib is the one for you. Simply readjust its size and readjust the mattress height and voila… you’ve got a crib for a 9 month baby instead of a 3 month old baby. It’s magic!

Round cribs: These kinds of cribs are not your standard, square box shaped crib. These look a bit more stylish and are very well suited to small spaces. They cost a bit more too. They also come in lots of different kinds of themes, such as cars, stars, fish, pricesses, or Disney characters. They are stylish and can look really great in your household. However, they are not convertible. Your baby will outgrow a round crib, forcing you to buy a new one. A convertible this time around.

Canopy cribs: Canopies have the benefit of looking really, really cute. They offer some protection, but they won’t stop any heavy objects from falling through. They’re for style, mostly. Babies think they’re fun. However, some babies can feel a bit restricted with a canopy. A canopy doesn’t necessarily have to be connected to the crib, sealing it off completely. There can be an opening between the crib and the canopy. You could prevent your baby from growing up as a claustrophobic. Once your small one reaches toddlerhood and grows to a certain size, you might have to remove the canopy permanently.

Standard cribs: These are just your regular, run of the mill, rectangular shaped cribs. These are very suitable for toddlers. They are not convertible and as such can not adapt to your infant’s size. Most people get a crib like this when their baby reaches the age of 18 months and is now a toddler. Usually, cribs are no longer required once the 24 month mark has been achieved, so you can store your standard crib back in the attic. If you’ve got the space ofcourse, because these things aren’t foldable.

How To Find The Best Crib For Your Newborn Child

crib4There are many kinds of features to think about when you set out to find the best baby crib for your newborn child. But in my opinion, it’s best to let safety come first. So don’t buy a used crib if this just so happens to be a drop side model. Those things are a health hazard.

Next to safety, I personally value functionality highly. I much prefer to have a convertible or a portable crib, rather than some stylish round crib that looks good but has no advanced features.

There are certain safety regulations that cribs need to abide by. Ask your salesmen about these before you take out the money.

If you’ve had twins, then you’re going to have to buy a bigger crib, naturally. Twin cribs take up loads of space, for obvious reasons that I’m sure I won’t have to explain to you. You won’t be sorry you bought a foldable crib when you’ve got twins on your hands, I’ll tell you that!

When buying a crib online from, say, Amazon… make sure to read all the reviews and only go for it if they are mostly positive. Buying cribs online is sort of like buying shoes and clothing online. You’d best do your research to make sure upfront that it’s a good fit. If not, you’ll be sorry soon enough. And it’s better to be safe than sorry, ofcourse.

Imagine being either a baby or a toddler for that matter. A crib is like a second home to your baby. Make sure it’s a decent one that will last a long time. It’s a long term investment, so it’s okay to spend a few more bucks to get a good one. Convertibles are usually high quality cribs and will last the longest. They’re very popular with a lot of young parents, and that’s for a reason!

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