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When I had my first baby just a few years ago, I was overcome with emotions. I can’t even begin to describe the feeling that I got when I was holding my very first child in my own arms. Giving birth was pretty hard, but it was totally worth it. I always knew that it would be. There is nothing that anybody can tell you or that you can do in order to truly prepare you for parenthood. No matter how many times you’ve read about baby care. No matter how many times you’ve fantasized about being a mommy… you will always be in shock & awe of that tiny little bundle of love that came out of you. Luckily for me, both my first and second babies, were both healthy. Me and my husband Peter have called them Daisey and Delilah.

A Big List Of Baby Stuff

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Once your baby is born, the job truly begins. You’re going to have to get all sorts of baby stuff. And I’m not just talking about getting the room painted in the right color. You’ve got to get bottles, a trailer, diapers, a food maker, a crib, a car seat, a monitor, a carrier, a whole bunch of proper toys, action tables, crib ornaments, a bassinet, a bunch of pacifiers, etc. And I haven’t even mentioned the fact that you’ve got to learn to communicate with your babies. The downside to babies is that they do not come with a manual and you’re going to have to rely on your motherly instincts.

A Mother’s Intuition

As a mommy, you’re going to have to listen to your newborn and let him or her tell you what it is that he or she needs. I’ve found out that it’s best to let a newborn eat on demand, rather than sticking to the 2 hour rule. I’ve always thought of that one as kind of a myth, anyway. In the first few weeks, a baby might need to eat more often than every 2 hours. This is especially true in those first few weeks, which are a pretty critical growth period for any young child.

Find The Golden Mean Between Underexposure and Overexposure

My motherly instincts wanted to keep my babies inside to keep them safe from the nasty outside world. I was worried they’d get a cold or something! But it’s actually better to take them outside every once in a while, to make them learn to know the real world early on. However, it is a bad idea to overexpose your child to the elements of the outside world.

If there is anything you do not want to do, it is to be carrying your baby out in the open while it’s winter, in a big crowd of people making lots of noise. Not that I’d be crazy enough to ever do that. But I’m just painting a picture here for you. I’m sure you understand. Don’t ever go against your own instincts. You’ve got a gut mommy feeling about what is best for your child.

The Best Baby Sleeping Position

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Let’s say that your mother always put you on your belly when she put you in your crib for nappy time… that doesn’t mean you have to do this to your child as well. Times are changing constantly. What used to be considered ‘good advice’ for bringing up a baby, isn’t necessarily considered to be good advice nowadays. Lots has changed in a mere few decades. And this day and age… back is best.

So you see, if your baby’s sleep position is of the utmost importance. Babies are so fragile. It’s cute. But at the same time you want them to grow up quickly, so they will be better able to take a bump. Put your child on his or her back, especially for the first six months. This period is critical for preventing the dreaded sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS. But the baby should be put on the back for the whole first year, certainly.

Another thing that matters a lot is the material you let your baby sleep on. Don’t put a newborn on a waterbed or a beanbag or anything silly like that. Pillows, quilts and other soft materials are also a no go. Because your small one can accidentally dig his or her face in there and suffocate! A crib along with a dedicated crib mattress is the best. These are made for the greatest baby nappy times!

It’s okay to put baby on th belly every once in a while… just so long as you’re around to observe the baby. Don’t take your eye off your newborn when he or she is on his belly. Dangerous situations can ensue. If you want your baby close to you while he or she sleeps, you can put the newborn into a bassinet instead of a crib. That way, you will always be close to each other. But the baby needs crib time as well.

Also avoid heaters or air conditioners. A baby must be able to have a peaceful nap.

Spend Some Time With Yourself

As a mommy, I understand you constantly want to be with your child and take care of him or her. Babies are very fragile and require constant observation, protection and care. Being the helpless bundles of love that they are, they can’t go for very long without us mommies. But it’s still important to realize that you should also give yourself some you-time. If you don’t, you’ll get stressed. Babies pick up on your stress! It’s best for both you as well as the baby if you take some time off for yourself!

For example… I love reading. And no matter how much I love my babies, I really want to cuddle up to my hubby and spend a few hours reading a good book while he’s watching his favorite series on the tube. It’s possible your infant will wake up and cry for food or a diaper change. But that’s just the type of stuff that comes with the job of being a mommy. It’s totally worth it, especially if you’re not afraid to ask for help.

No mommy should ever have to go at it alone. As mommies, we should all stick together and raise our newborns as best as we can!

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