Reviewed : DaVinci Kalani Convertible Crib With Toddler Rail, Espresso Edition

Most parents I know underestimate the amount of baby stuff that they need when they are expecting their first child. I know this from experience, because I made the exact same mistakes. You’re not going to be done with clothing, food appliances, diapers and a few toys. Babies also need a good place to sleep. And a place to be changed. And then there’s the fact that they tend to grow up really fast. Before you know it, a baby outgrows his or her crib. And then mommy and daddy get to take out their wallets again and buy a toddler bed. And what if your current child was your last child? That means your crib can go out the window now. Or you have to sell it off for a fraction of the price for which you got it. Either way, it’s a crying shame to see a good crib go.

davinci1But what if there was a more cost efficient way of buying cribs and beds for your newborn? What if you could buy a crib that was all the things in one for a baby that will quickly grow into a toddler? Well, thanks to the wonderful folks at DaVinci, now you can. These guys are offering the Kalani 4 in 1 convertible crib, which also happens to have a handy dandy toddler rail on it. And guess what, it comes in espresso style! Like any 4 in 1 convertible, this crib can go from crib, to toddler bed, to daybed and then to full size bed.

And the greatest thing is that this company offers all this functionality at a much lower price than their competition at the Stork Craft company does. This crib comes about a hundred dollars cheaper. And while you are still getting it in espresso style at this price point, you will have to do without an integrated changer, which the Stork Craft does have. Their 4 in 1 Portofino does have a way better design. So it all depends on how much the addition of a changer and a better design are worth to you. If it’s worth a hundred dollars, then you might want to go with the Portofino. However, the 4 in 1 Kalani still has a toddler rail. That’s big fun for toddlers who are tired of lying down all the time and has now decided that he wants to stand up. A rail can actually help your baby learning to take those first few steps, even when you have placed your baby in his or her crib!

davinci2The Kalani has a pretty solid build quality. It is made of pine wood from New Zealand. And if you’ve ever been to New Zealand, then you may know from experience that their pine trees are pretty tough. And this particular pine wood comes from sustainable forests only. Not only can you relish in the fact that your baby is protected by the toughest wood out there, but you also won’t have to feel guilty about having played a part in deforestation. On top of that, DaVinci ships its cribs in a smart manner in order to reduce their carbon footprint. If this company is willing to go to such extreme lengths to protect mother nature, imagine how obsessed they are with your child’s safety!

There is no lead in this crib or in its finishes. There are also no phthalates in here. The Kalani is perfectly safe for your baby. It’s been certified by the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association). Once those guys have declared a children’s product safe, then you can get on it that it really is a safe product. This crib also meets the standards for crib safety set by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). That’s two big organisations, obsessed with safety, telling you that the crib is safe. What more can a concerned mother want for her baby?

davinci3The Kalani crib also lets you adjust the mattress to no less than four levels. You can set the mattress to just the right height for your infant as he or she grows. Besides the special rail for your toddler, this crib’s other rails are curved and soft. This makes it easier for mom and dad to lift their little one out of there. Gone are the days of having a railing make a mark in your belly after picking up your baby, who gets heavier with each passing month.

Some people are saying that the finish scratches too easily. However, not everybody has this problem. It’s my suspicion that earlier models may have had this problem, but the problem is now resolved. Not all cribs are created alike. Production processes change all the time. Ask a company representative about it before you buy. But honestly… I think the Kalani is a solid investment. At this price point, this convertible is among the best baby cribs for the money on the market today.

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